How I used Figma to run a comprehensive workshop. Here are my thoughts on what works, what doesn’t, and how to build the remote workshop tools of the future.

TThe lockdown isn’t challenging roles and professions in themselves. It’s challenging their flexibility and resiliency. This is also true for us UX Designers and Researchers, for whom collaborative face-to-face exercises such as workshops are an important part of work life.

There is this myth going around about how workshops are…

How the pandemic is helping us appreciate the key role of the internet in our lives and reminding us of how much more there is to build on it.

A CGI view of the underground network of tree roots and fungi. Screenshot from movie .

A A deep and complex underground network runs under our feet. This network provides plants and trees with beneficial nutrients, enables them to communicate with each other through chemical stress-signals, and shields them from external pathogens ().

This is a fungal network, made up of root-like filaments…


Anthropologist & Economist gone down the crypto rabbit hole. I build products in the crypto and NFT space. Find me at

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